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What is The Shop: Topeka’s Garage Gym?

About Us

The training at The Shop is likely very different from anything you have ever done.  While we have CrossFit L1 and USAW certified instructors, we are not an affiliate of Crossfit or USAW and training here is not like other CrossFit gyms in the area.  In our group classes we do NOT work sport specific training for the most part, but rather focus on general physical preparedness for all of our members.  We have found through trials that our workouts, if done correctly, will not only increase your strength and respiratory max, but will also increase your aerobic capacity without having to focus on aerobic activity several times per week.

Get Results

To get results with our program is fairly simple. First of all, you have to show up. Every day builds upon the next and if you miss many days you will fall behind and show little or no progress.


While we don’t require new members to participate in an on-ramp or introductory class for a specific period of time, we do insist that you develop a few of the basic movements that we use daily.  It is not only required that you understand the movements, but also have the ability to perform them to strict standards and complete range-of-motion.  Not all members can perform these movement to the fullest range of motion and until you show the ability to do so we do not recommend that you perform these at high-intensity or high weight.


Be prepared for anything and don’t be afraid to try new things and let your coach know if you have any physical limitations that may keep you from performing certain movements of the day so he/she can help you modify them to make your workout successful.

In order for the workout to be effective, you must maintain a high level of intensity and a high level of focus.  Can you get hurt in here?  Absolutely.  Like any sport, injuries do occur from time to time.  However, if you pay attention and perform the workouts in a safe manner using appropriate form and technique your chances of injury greatly decrease.

To get results with our program is fairly simple.  First of all, you have to show up.  Every day builds upon the next and if you miss many days you will fall behind and show little or no progress.  How many days or sessions you should attend is determined by many factors and can be discussed with your trainer.  While we do not write our results down for public record every day, we do encourage to jeep your own log book and track your progress.  We also want you to maintain a record of your maximum weight on lifts so you can use that to scale when necessary.  Secondly, eat healthy and drink plenty of water.  Pretty simple.  We do not promote any particular diet, but recommend high protein, good quality carbs and fat, and little junk food.  We all need “cheat days” or “cheat meals”, so don’t get too strict that you constantly feel like you are failing.  Think 80/20.  If you can eat healthy 80% of the time you are doing pretty well. You should consume 1/2 ounce of water per pound of LBM per day.  Third, mobilize and recover.  There is much to be said about this, and you should check out www.mobilitywod.com and make that a part of your daily regimen.  Make sure to get warmed up prior to workouts and stretch well after workouts.  Lastly, sleep.  There is almost no way you can recover the body or mind if you do not get proper sleep.  You should try and get 8 hours each day.  I know some of this is tough, but remember, you are only in The Shop 4-5 hours a week, it is hardly worth coming if you are not following these guidelines the other 160+ hours.

While we are here to train, motivate, and assist you, we cannot watch you 100% and we are not responsible for any injuries that may occur while you are here.  You are here on your own and while we will show you the proper technique to perform all the activities, you are solely responsible for taking care of the safety of yourself, others around you, and the equipment and building.