***6-week off-season training program for all sports teams***


Hey Coaches/Parents! It’s time to start training for next season. Do you want to be faster?  Quicker feet?  More balance?  Better agility?  More intensity?  Healthier?  More mobility?  Leaner body?

For teams ages 8-17*. This program is designed to build up your strength, power, and agility, speed and mobility. Train efficiently, train smart, decrease injury and increase performance. Turn your off season into a success when your season arrives.


Class fee is $300.00 per 6-week session per team (up to 12 athletes).

*If your child is not within the age restriction but you feel he/she would benefit from the class and be able to keep up, please call or email me to discuss.


For more information, contact:

Scott Cole


Disclaimer: While we are here to train, motivate, and assist you, we cannot watch you 100% and we are not responsible for any injuries that may occur while you are here.  You are here on your own and while we will show you the proper technique to perform all the activities, you are solely responsible for taking care of the safety of yourself, others around you, and the equipment and building.

Be prepared for anything and don’t be afraid to try new things and let your coach know if you have any physical limitations that may keep you from performing certain movements of the day so he/she can help you modify them to make your workout successful.

In order for the workout to be effective, you must maintain a high level of intensity and a high level of focus.  Can you get hurt in here?  Absolutely.  Like any sport, injuries do occur from time to time.  However, if you pay attention and perform the workouts in a safe manner using appropriate form and technique your chances of injury greatly decrease.

By signing up, I consent to have photographs or videos taken of me. The pictures may be used on The Shop web page, Facebook, in future brochures, or in slide shows after the event. We will NOT list the names, ages, or any other personal information.

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